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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Support HB 380: Bring Balance to Asbestos Cases

Currently in the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee is HB 380 which will reform and promote transparency in the legal process of work related asbestos claims.

HB 380 will, "enact sections 2307.951, 2307.952, 2307.953, and 2307.954 of the Revised Code to require claimants in asbestos tort actions to make certain disclosures pertaining to asbestos trust claims that have been submitted to asbestos trust entities for the purpose of compensating the claimant for asbestos exposure."  (HB 380).

From Ohio.com
By Ralph King

Please contact the below listed State Senators and ask them to support HB 380....

State Senator Gayle Manning (District 13)
Phone: (614) 644-7613
Email: Click Here

State Senator Frank LaRose (District 27)
Phone: (614) 466-4823
EmailClick Here

State Senator Scott Oelslager (District 29)
Phone: (614) 466-0626
EmailClick Here

To keep track of the status and results of your calls, please click here to fill out the HB 380 Contact Form to record the response of your call(s) to the above State Senator's offices.

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