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Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is NOT What Democracy Looks Like! (WI)

The residents and patriots in Wisconsin have been subjected to a two year assault from the left who are disappointed with the results of the 2010 elections.

Doing what the big union bosses and the left does best, they've learned how to use the political process to abuse the political process. This pattern of political abuse will continue across the states if we do not rise to the challenge of meeting this dangerous political trend of the left head on.

The Tea Party Patriots are amassing Tea Party members from across the U.S. to meet this challenge in Wisconsin head on! To learn more on how you can help with phone calls from your own home, or if you are interested in going to Wisconsin to be part of the Tea Party Patriots ground team, please click here.

The below is from our Tea Party Patriots State Coordinator for Wisconsin, Michael Hintze.

From Bear Witness Central --

For the second year in a row, the people of Wisconsin are being subjected to a series of recall elections that cost money for which the State and its local communities have better uses. More importantly, the recall elections distract Wisconsin’s politicians from doing the jobs to which they were elected, create uncertainty in the business community that hinders job creation and economic growth, and increase rather than smooth over the sense of division between the people of Wisconsin and the public employee unions.

Why are the people of Wisconsin being subjected to these recalls? Because a minority of Wisconsin’s electorate has decided it does not like the results of the election of 2010, and will do anything to overturn those results, including abuse of the democratic process. Make no mistake about it that is exactly what these recall elections represent—abuse of process. Recall elections should be the people’s method of impeachment of government officials for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” not a last resort for those who have policy differences with political officeholders. Policy differences should be settled according to the regular electoral process, and should not be the subject of continual “do-overs” forced by the losing side. Nothing but anarchy lies down that path.

Those who think that a successful recall effort will lower the divisions among the people of Wisconsin and bring peace and tranquility to Wisconsin politics are engaging in self-delusion of the most flagrant kind. A successful recall effort will have precisely the opposite effect. It will heighten tensions, not relieve them. It will increase frustration, not alleviate it. It will lead to a solidification of positions that will make it impossible for anything to be accomplished by State government. And it will solve nothing.

Recent polls indicate that the recall election is becoming a referendum on job creation in Wisconsin. If that is the case, then defeat of the recall effort is an imperative pre-requisite. For business to be willing to create more jobs in Wisconsin, or anywhere else, it must know that it is dealing with a State with a long-term plan for economic growth and opportunity, and a government whose position does not change with every passing whim of political demagogues who feed on the people’s misery. Stability and predictability in a business friendly environment are the keys to job growth and economic prosperity. Neither will be the case if the recall effort is successful.

This is not just Wisconsin’s battle. This is the nation’s battle. It is a battle to ensure that the will of the majority as expressed through the normal election process will prevail, and that the United States will retain its democratic republic form of government. And it is a battle to return control of government to the taxpayers, and not leave it in the hands of the government employee unions.

If the unions win in Wisconsin, they will have created a strategy and proved it effective for the overturn of election results with which they do not agree, and they will use that strategy in every other state in the Union. The citizens of Wisconsin are fighting to take back control of their government from the greedy and arrogant union bosses. Please join us and help us help you!

Together, we all win.

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