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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grassroots Tea Party's Derail Tea Party Express Establishment Candidate in Nebraska Senate Primary

A big congratulations to all the grassroots Tea Party groups in Nebraska for derailing the Tea Party Express establishment candidate, NE Attorney General Jon Bruning, and walking away with a big grassroots Tea Party victory!

As usual, and expecting nothing less, the Tea Party Express went into Nebraska and supported the establishment candidate - Bruning - in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate and worked against the efforts of the grassroots Tea Party groups who supported State Senator Deb Fischer.

State Senator Deb Fischer, who was also supported by Sarah Palin, will face off against former Democrat Senator Bob Kerry to replace the retiring Senator Ben Nelson.

From SF Gate -- (emphasis added)
An insurgent Republican lawmaker in Nebraska will square off against former Sen. Bob Kerrey this fall in the state's U.S. Senate race, as Democrats look to hold onto the Senate seat and control of one part of Capitol Hill.

In Tuesday's Republican primary, state Sen. Deb Fischer rode a wave of discontent with the GOP establishment to best Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, the preferred candidate of Washington, D.C.-based Republicans, and Treasurer Don Stenberg in a race that drew national attention from outside groups in its final, unpredictable weeks.

Fischer's victory marked also another win for the party's anti-establishment movement just a week after a Tea Party-supported Richard Mourdock beat Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar in that state's GOP primary.

And they said the Tea Party was dead!

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