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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Protect and Secure Our Borders First

April 26, 2013
For Immediate Release
Contact:  Marianne Gasiecki
State Co-coordinator (OH) -Tea Party Patriots
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Immigration Reform 

Low Priority for Voters

Protect and Secure Our Borders First

Ohio - April 26, 2013 -  A recent poll showed that immigration is a low priority for voters, with only four percent saying it is the most important issue facing the country.  That's well behind the economy (42 percent) and the federal deficit (17 percent), and yet this is where the Senate is focusing its time.  In that same poll, 60 percent of voters think border security is not strict enough.
"The gang of eight claim that illegal immigrants granted provisional status will not receive any entitlements, because Section 212(a)(4) of the U.S. Code states no immigrant who's at risk of becoming a "public charge" can get a green card," stated Arzella Melnyk, Co-Founder of the Grassroots Rally Team of Ohio.  "But in reading Sec. 245c, anyone who is unemployed, in job training, getting a high school or GED diploma, taking care of a child, younger than 21 or older than 60, or attending college can actually be given a waiver by The Secretary of Homeland Security. Millions will fall into this category."

With many of the Republican lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee and their staffs reading and analyzing the 844 page bill, they have still been unable to read all it's intricacies, and have no idea how many illegals would be granted this status.  According to a recent estimate by NumbersUSA, this bill would bring at least thirty-three million people into this county in the first decade alone. 

"Once again our government is looking to jam a monstrosity of a bill down the throats of the American people," said Marianne Gasiecki, State Co-coordinator for Tea Party Patriots and Founder of the Mansfield Tea Party. "What's even more sickening is that we are rewarding people for breaking our laws, while spitting in the faces of the people who made the sacrifices to come here legally, worked hard to assimilate, and are proud to become Americans.  How anyone can say "everybody's benefiting from the situation" and doesn't "know why we need this debate" on immigration is beyond me.  They are obviously uneducated on the repercussions of this bill." 
The amnesty granted in 1986 was to be a one time deal with the promise that our borders were to be secured and our immigration laws enforced.  To this day, our borders are crossed by a countless number of illegal immigrants, creating national security issues and an unsustainable social and financial burden to the American taxpayer.

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