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Monday, April 8, 2013

Action Alert: Stop Medicaid Expansion in Ohio

With the Ohio House going back into session, we have been informed that the House Finance & Appropriations Committee will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 9, 2013 to discuss Governor Kasich's Medicaid expansion under Obamacare.

Besides using misleading information, Governor Kasich has stooped to new lows and has shown he is morally bankrupt in the manner and tactics he is using to expand Obamacare in Ohio.  

In tactics that bring reminders of the way President Obama & Nancy Pelosi rammed Obamacare down America's throat - after having an Obamacare supporting political appointee of his attack the Tea Party movement in Ohio - Governor Kasich's, argument for expanding Medicaid has went from being for financial reasons, to pro-life reasons, religious reasons and he even pulled the progressive card of "fairness".

The only way we can stop this expansion of Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare is for you to speak up and speak out.

Take Action Now

Senate President Faber & OH Rep. Matt Huffman have recently spoke on the perils of expanding Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare -- sadly, the OH Representative from the Cleveland area who serves on the Finance Committee, Rep. Marlene Anielski, is leaning towards Medicaid expansion and refuses to even return constituent phone calls

Representative Marlene Anielski 
PH#: (614)644-6041
Email: Click Here

You can find contact info for House Finance Committee members by clicking here.

We are also taking the unprecedented action of asking you to call members of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee (ORP SCC).  While some will claim the ORP SCC shouldn't get involved, this is a flawed argument as we are trying to sway members of the Ohio Republican Party.

Furthermore, some of the ORP SCC members ran as so-called "Tea Party" candidates in the last State Central Committee race. Claiming they would be the voice of the Tea Party in these backroom meetings, many have lost their voice and have quickly forgotten why they were elected and who they were elected to represent. And as we posted then - many of these so-called Tea Party candidates were not Tea Party at all!

Below are members of the ORP SCC for Senate Districts covering Cuyahoga County and surrounding counties.  The ones denoted with *** claimed to be Tea Party or sent out literature with Tea Party logos during their campaign for ORP SCC.

Please contact as many of the ORP SCC members listed below as you can, and ask that they come out publicly against Medicaid expansion in Ohio. 

Senate District 21 / (Cuyahoga County)

Sue Rodman 
PH #: (216)381-5861

Senate District 23 / (Cuyahoga County)

Bob Bennett ***
PH #: (216)961-8400

Diane Stover ***
PH #: (440)888-8170

Senate District 24 / (Cuyahoga County)

Jeff Dean ***
PH #: (440)247-2888
Email: dean@en.com

Nancy Suhadolnik ***
PH #: (440)846-6666

Senate District 25 (Cuyahoga / Lake County)

Dan Carter ***
PH #: (216)392-4509

Brittany Williams
PH #: (440)781-9038

Surrounding Counties

Senate District 22 / (Medina)

Jim Woods ***
PH #: (330)241-5228

Sharon Ray ***
PH #: (330)461-3599

Senate District 13 (Lorain / Huron County)

Bob Rousseau
PH #:(440)288-2739
Email: seau@roadrunner.com

Joyce Houck
PH #: (419)935-8549
Email: rhouck@willard-oh.com

Senate District 18 (Portage / Geauga & Lake)

Andy Manning ***
PH #: (330)678-1403
Email: ohioandy@aol.com

Amy Sabath
PH #: (440)796-8802
Email: aesabath@aol.com

Senate District 27 (Summit / Wayne Counties)

Roy Ray
PH #: (239)947-2981
Email: royleeray@hotmail.com

Lauren LaRose
PH #: N/A
Email: laurenkappa@hotmail.com

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