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Monday, April 15, 2013



If the Senate passes S. 649 on Tuesday (tomorrow), it will effectively trample our Second Amendment rights. There are two short videos that provide chilling testimony to just how critical this legislation is. Please take (less than) four minutes to watch these two videos, as they will give you some important talking points.

Sarah Merkle, a 15-year old, testified eloquently on why these proposed gun control measures would do NOTHING to prevent another tragedy such as Newtown.

Manuel Martinez, a legal immigrant from Cuba, testified in Oregon on the danger of losing our Second Amendment rights, as they did in Cuba; video and transcript here (but watch the video if you can).  

On Tuesday (tomorrow), some Tea Party Patriot groups across the country will be visiting offices of their senators or demonstrating outside their offices at noon. In northern Ohio, we thought we might be more effective adding our voices by telephone, fax, and email to those being organized by the NRA. So mark your calendar for Tuesday (tomorrow), at least from noon to 1pm. Whether you are able to phone or fax or e-mail, we think this is every bit as cataclysmic as Obamacare. This is gun control legislation that actually has some chance of passage in the Senate, thanks to promise-breakers like Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey. But won't the House stop it? Not with squishes like Speaker Boehner.

From HotAir: "House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) signaled Thursday that he may continue to bypass a House Republican rule [i.e. the "Hastert Rule"] that has required any legislation being voted upon to have the support of a majority of the GOP conference. He said at a news conference Thursday that he will continue to try and follow it in spirit, but also suggested he might well violate it for upcoming votes on guns, immigration and the budget."

The goal of gun control is to expand and protect the government. One of the three core Tea Party Patriot values is "Constitutionally limited government." Gun control violates our Second Amendment rights and protects, not the law-abiding citizen, but the out-of-control government. So it IS time to push some sort of panic button.

We are urging every single one of you to plan to take time out of your day on Tuesday, Apr-16 to call Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Speaker Boehner. (There is no point calling Sen. Sherrod Brown, and Sen. Pat Toomey is a co-sponsor of this bill.) If you are at the office, take 15 minutes on your lunch break and call from the hallway or the sidewalk. Keep this message on your screen as you call or print out for talking points. If you are faxing or emailing, cut-copy-and-paste any part of this message into an email that makes the point(s) you think should be made.

S. 649 (the Gun Control bill) is as crippling to our freedom -- and our future -- as is Obamacare. And as you can see in the link for Boehner, Immigration "Reform" is right around the corner. Obamacare, Gun Control, and Immigration "Reform" - these three strike at the heart of our freedom and our survival as a Constitutional republic. We are at a crossroads, so this is calling all Tea Party Patriots and anyone you can persuade to call, fax, or write: 

Sen. Rob Portman
Cleveland Phone: 216-522-7095
Columbus Fax: (614) 469-7733

Sen. Marco Rubio
DC Phone: 202-224-3041
DC FAX: 202-228-0285

Speaker John Boehner
Ohio PH 513-779-5400
DC Fax 202-225-0704

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