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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Action Alert: Contact Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Now!

As the election for Ohio Republican Party (ORP) Chairman will also effect GOP races at all levels -- county, state and federal elections in our state, including the 2016 Presidential election -- it is important that all levels of the Republican Party are also contacted in a final push before this Friday's vote for State Chairman

Your conservative views and voices will NOT be represented with the selection of their hand picked candidate Matt Borges as Ohio Republican Party Chairman and it is up to you - rank and file Republicans, Tea Party supporters and conservative Independents - to stop the GOP establishment elite and their hand picked candidate with a checkered past.

Yesterday we asked that you contact the GOP Statewide elected officials who have endorsed Matt Borges.  Today, we are asking you to please call the ORP State Central Committee (SCC) who will be voting this Friday to select the next ORP State Chairman.  The future of conservatism in Ohio -- hinges on this race.

To date the so-called Tea Party members elected to the ORP SCC last year have failed miserably. They sat silent and REFUSED to come out against Medicaid expansion in Ohio and now they sit silent regarding Matt Borges as ORP State Chairman.  

Below are members of the ORP State Central Committee (SCC) for Senate Districts covering Cuyahoga County and surrounding counties.  The ones denoted with *** claimed to be Tea Party or sent out literature with Tea Party logos during their campaign for ORP SCC.

Now is the time to draw the line in the sand
either they represent core conservative value or they don’t!

Take Action

Please contact as many of the ORP SCC members listed below as you can, and ask that they immediately come out publicly against Matt Borges as ORP State Chairman. Ask that they attend this Friday's ORP election for State Chairman, and they support a motion to suspend the rules for an open ballot vote for ORP State Party Chairman.

Senate District 21 / (Cuyahoga County)

Joe Miller ***  (Joe did come out against Medicaid Expansion)
PH #: (216)659-1900
Email: miller9977@roadrunner.com

Sue Rodman 
PH #: (216)381-5861

Senate District 23 / (Cuyahoga County)

Bob Bennett ***
PH #: (216)961-8400

Diane Stover ***
PH #: (440)888-8170

Senate District 24 / (Cuyahoga County)

Jeff Dean ***
PH #: (440)247-2888
Email: dean@en.com

Nancy Suhadolnik ***
PH #: (440)846-6666

Senate District 25 (Cuyahoga / Lake County)

Dan Carter ***
PH #: (216)392-4509

Brittany Williams
PH #: (440)781-9038

Surrounding Counties

Senate District 22 / (Medina)

Jim Woods ***
PH #: (330)241-5228

Sharon Ray ***
PH #: (330)461-3599

Senate District 18 (Portage / Geauga & Lake)

Andy Manning ***
PH #: (330)678-1403

Amy Sabath
PH #: (440)796-8802

For a list of contact information on all the current Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee members please click here.

As noted above, the election of Matt Borges as ORP Chairman race will have a negative effect on all races in Ohio, including local, state, U.S. Senate, Congress and the 2016 Presidential race; please also contact the below GOP leaders....

Local County Republican Party's

Cuyahoga County GOP
Chairman Rob Frost
PH#: (216)621-0077

To contact your county GOP please click here.

National GOP 

Republican National Committee
Chairman Reince Priebus
PH#: (202)863-8500
Contact: Click Here

House Republican Caucus
Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers
PH#: (202)225-5107
Twitter: @gopconference

Senate Republican Caucus
Chairman Senator John Thune
PH#: (202)224-2764
Contact: Click Here
Twitter: @Senate_GOPs

If you cannot call, at least send off e-mails; you can email all the names above in less than 2 minutes.

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