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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

GOP leadership fail

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Ed Straker at American Thinker asks:

It's looking bad for John Boehner, who may be forced out of the speakership due to his cooperation with the Obama agenda.  But what about Mitch McConnell? He has been at least as complicit as Boehner. McConnell has given Obama:
1) 100% of his budget requests.
2) Fully funding Obamacare without any restraints
3) Fully funding Obama's illegal amnesty without any restraints
4) Raised the debt ceilings repeatedly without any restraints
5) Effectively given away the Senate's treaty deciding powers.
6) Refused to set up select committees to investigate the abuse of powers of this administration
 . . .
With two probable votes against McConnell (Cruz and Lee) and pressure on the others, McConnell might be toppled too. The sad fact is that most GOP senators agree with the McConnell agenda, but the spotlight on Senate presidential candidates and/or the threat of primaries for those up for reelection in 2016 could be enough to rid us of this supine gobbler. 
Read the rest here.
AT contributor Thomas Lifson adds: You can't replace something with nothing. I don't see who would replace him that would be any better.

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