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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cruz, Trump, Palin, Levin, and Beck at DC rally tomorrow: Stop the Iran “Deal”

art credit: TeaPartyPatriots.org

Cruz, Trump, Palin, Levin, and Beck at DC rally : 

Stop the Iran “Deal”

Update from Tea Party Patriots: 
By now you are no doubt aware that President Obama unilaterally joined into an agreement with Iran. You have probably read how dangerous this deal is and how this deal would give Iran the ability to build a nuclear bomb within the next decade. And you have probably heard that a growing number of American voters, Members of Congress, and national organizations are coming out in opposition to this deal.

But did you know that we have one final opportunity to stop this terrible Iran Nuclear Deal?

Thousands of Americans are coming to Washington, D.C. [today 9/9] for a rally in opposition to the deal.  We have an unbelievable speaker line-up for the event: Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck are all confirmed! This is our chance to tell everyone on Capitol Hill why this deal must be defeated! . . .

If this event is streamed, we’ll post the link.

UPDATE 9/9: Here's the link.

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