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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stop the Iran “deal” rally report from Sept. 9 in DC

Donald Trump posing for a photo with Capitol Police at the rally on Weds. 
Photo credit: Roll Call

Some reports, photos, and videos of the "Stop the Iran "deal" rally yesterday (Weds.) are here (yahoo), here (CNN), and here (Roll Call).
As Rep. Gohmert said toward the end of the rally, the latest development, that GOP leadership was scrapping the vote on the rule, was a sign that the rally was effective. 

PJ Media reports: Conservative Revolt Forces GOP to Delay Iran Vote, Alter StrategyLet’s hope it’s not just for show. But paving the way for a future lawsuit against the White House does not inspire confidence. Check out some of the reader comments over at Lucianne.
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