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Friday, September 11, 2015

Keep Up the Fight to Stop the Iran Deal!

The Stop the Iran Deal Rally a huge success! We had a wonderful turnout. Your donations and hard work made this event possible, and we cannot thank you enough!  

If you were unable to make the event, here is a link to watch the whole event on line - click here.
Now is the time to increase the pressure and build on the momentum of yesterday’s event.  Today we need you to make 4 calls to Congress and turn up the pressure on social media.
1. Call Senator Lindsey Graham at 202.224.5972 and also contact him via Facebook & Twitter.

 Thank Sen. Graham for acknowledging that the Corker-Cardin Iran Nuclear Agreement Approval Act is not being followed, and ask him to encourage Senate Republican Leadership to stand up to President Obama. President Obama wants to rush this process, but the clock has not started ticking yet. It is up to the GOP leadership to put the brakes on this!
2. Call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at 202.224.2541 & contact him via Facebook & Twitter.
Tell Sen. McConnell that the Corker-Cardin Iran Nuclear Agreement Approval Act is not being followed and demand that the Senate stand up to President Obama. The Senate must tell President Obama that the clock has not yet started ticking because the President has not given all the side deals to Congress. Americans overwhelmingly oppose this deal (60% of Americans want it stopped). The risks of not standing up are too great. Iran will be able to fund even more terrorist activities once the sanctioned money (billions of dollars!) is released to Iran. 
3. Call Senator Bob Corker at 202.224.3344 and also contact him via Facebook and Twitter.
The message for Sen. Corker is the same as the message for Sen. McConnell (above).
4. Call your congressman (click here) and also tweet and comment on Facebook. 
Ask your congressman to vote yes on Pompeo-Zeldin resolution, to vote no on approving the Iran Deal, and to vote yes to prohibit President Obama from lifting the sanctioned money.  
Thank you again for your support for yesterday's rally. And thank you for making these calls today. It is impossible for us to convey just how important these calls are, and they really do make a difference! We regularly hear from Congressional offices that their phones were ringing off the hook because of Tea Party Patriots’ calls.

Let’s make sure they hear from us today!

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