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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

UPDATE: Health Care Compact (HB 34)

 Health Care Compact (HB 34) 

This Wednesday 9/30/2015 (tomorrow) coming back from their summer break, the Ohio House will be going back in session. 

While they still have a lot of business to address, it is important we continue our push for true health care freedom in Ohio with the Health Care Compact  (HB 34). 

At the federal level, the Health Care Compact (H.J. Res. 50) is picking up more conservative support with Ohio's own Congressman Jim Jordan signing on as a co-sponsor. 

Congressman Jordan was also pleased to hear & strongly supports Ohio's effort to become a member state of the Health Care Compact.

Please take a few minutes to contact your Ohio State Representative and respectfully request that they support the Health Care Compact (HB 34) and put Ohioans in charge of their own health care destiny.

Cuyahoga County Area GOP State Reps:

Rep Mike Dovilla
Phone: (614)466-4895
Contact: Click Here 

Rep. Nan Baker
Phone: (614)466-0961
Contact: Click Here 

Rep Marlene Anielski
Phone: (614)644-6041
Contact: Click Her

Please call your OH House member and tell them to support the Health Care Compact - Click for OH House Directory.

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