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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

D.C. Code Red Rally: A visit to Sen. Jim Webb's Office (Video)

This was sent to us from one of the Cleveland Tea Party Patriot members that attended the D.C. Code Red Rally on 12/15/09.

Dear ALL Patriotic Americans:

This is the video of our meeting in Sen. Jim Webb's office in Washington, D.C. on December 15, 2009. The tall man in the light suit is Webb's chief of staff....I have seen him being interviewed on FOX. (I am hidden in the corner by the door, right under the man standing on the chair with his camera.....but you can't see me.)

The blond woman in the red snowflake sweater, resident of of the good state of Virginia, is an American History, U. S. Constitution, and English teacher/expert. She home-schooled her 4 children. She was well-spoken and knew her subject using the U.S. Constitution. She also spoke at Sen. Mark Warner's senate office with his Chief of Staff, Luke Albee......what a "talking points" leftist clone he was...rambling on and on with distorted facts and figures. We called him on it.

The majority of Virginians who spoke up allowed us (from Ohio and Tenn. to speak up). Chief of Staff Albee tried to shut us down, but the Virginians stepped in and defended my right to speak up because "we were all Americans together" and what Sen. Webb does affects all of the U.S. It was a hoot. The Virginians are quite spirited and firmly grounded with patriotism and love of our country. This is an anti-life bill and democrat Sen. Ben Nelson, Nebraska, sold his soul. There is no way a person who says he is pro-life can even be a democrat because the democrat party has been hijacked by leftist/socialists who worship at the culture of death altar. Sen. Nelson lied.....and we all know Obama lies. What is happening in Congress is an assault on our God-given freedoms. Vote them out of office in 2010.

Note the doctor that came in to speak out (Dr. Sachs). I believe he is in the 2nd or 3rd video. The doctor should run for Webb's senate seat.

God bless America,

D.C. Code Red Video #1

D.C. Code Red Video #2

D.C. Code Red Video #3

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