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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thinking Tea Party Candidate does not mean Third Party!

Mark G Pogue

Just recently I posted as my status on Twitter and Facebook

"I think 2012 people should think about a tea party candidate instead of a R or D!".

By some of the comments you would have thought I had suggested a 3rd party. OMG has all political thinking and reasoning common sense left the voters mind. I said think about a tea party candidate. A Tea Party Candidate could be Republican or Democrat because all true Tea Party supporters with any common sense understands that their party has been high jacked. for the Democrats it the Progressive Liberals and for the Republicans it's the RINO's. Or the RINO Jack Ass kissing candidates that will say anything or give a way the farm to get elected. When I was a kid my parents where UAW workers and use to be Democrats, so I was raised in a Democrat house hold and this was my opinion of both parties at that time.

Democrats: Supported every union and the working man mostly blue collar and hated big Business and the rich man.TAX, TAX, TAX,But still had morals

Republican: Was ran by the moral majority and the late Jerry Farwell, supported people that worked and made it rich on their own.

At that time in my life I never voted solid party. If I voted for a Republican President I voted Democrat Congress and Senate then and the same mid term elections. it was my way of having a balance of power. I did the same thing if I voted a Democrat for President.

Today it is impossible for me to even think Democrat because it has been high jacked by the far liberal left, and then I look at the Republicans and I have no ideal what has taken them over, but Republican party officials seem to be afraid to admit that they stand for anything and have any values in order to steal votes from the left. I mean lets look at last years Republican Presidential candidate John McCain. He could not campaign for office if his soul depended on it. He would not come out and Blast Obama when he had the chance to. last year, February 2008 McCain apologized for comments when Cincinnati Radio talk show host Bill Cunningham slammed Obama hard on his identity before Senator John McCain arrived at the campaign event. Every time someone would fire up the campaign McCain would splash water on it and cool things down. That has become the norm for the Republican party

I mean think about this! Obama ran a very smart and strong campaign. If you want to blame former President Bush for everything fine go ahead, but I disagree, but if your a voter looking at the candidates , For me I knew the change that Obama was pushing and wanted no part of it. But looking at the candidates, did you have that much of a choice? McCain came across as to soft of a Republican and people felt as if they have no choice, so they voted for the bright and pretty symbol polished by Howard Dean. And I don't think most voters are losing there morals when just after the November 2008 election the California voters voted down gay marriage. do you really think they where all Republican voters? People want a Joe Wilson that will not say sorry after he spoke the truth on national TV when the President is giving the State of the Union. They want a balance of power with two parities and not a polarized voting. system. There is no balance right now. Every general election the pendulum swings hard right or hard left therefor creating a polarized nation.

When I made the comment on facebook I was want people to think out of the box, but as Ralph King commented and I quote -

"it is not as much that some people are able to think outside the box as it is some people are free-thinking individuals and not party programed trolls unable to think for themselves."

I agree with that statement. Both parties can use the Teaparty movement to purge it's self of the idiots and clean both parties up and demand more and bring the balance back.

That is thinking Tea Party Candidate!

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