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Saturday, December 19, 2009

D.C. Code Red Rally After-Action Report

This is an update on the D.C. Code Red Rally held on 12/15/09. Several of the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots took a van down to the event and met up with our friends in the Zainesville Tea Party Patriot group. It was also a nice surprise to hear that we had quite a few members drive down separately.

Patriots from across the U.S. - AGAIN - gathered in D.C. not only to speak out against the country killing bill that will allow a government take over of our health care system and 1/6th of our economy, but to also ask....

Throughout the day Patriots participated in the Government Waiting Rooms protest that was held. In this stage of the event Patriots went to the offices of our 13 targeted Senators, who are somehow never there when Tea Party Patriots or 9.12 members show up. Since the off-the-clock Senators were not in -- people 'waited' for them in their office -- hence the "Government Waiting Rooms." The highlight or lowlight of this event was when Mark Meckler and a couple other national coordinators for the Tea Party Patriots were escorted out of Senator Joe Liebermans office.

While the Government Waiting Rooms were being staged many Patriots went to their local Senators offices. The Ohio contingent of Tea Party Patriots were denied their scheduled meeting with Senator Sherrod Brown legislative aide because of a technicality in the appointment process. Although Mike P, who coordinated the trip for us, grabbed a Brown staffer in the hallway and was able to squeeze out 5 minutes of their time to express the Tea Party sentiments about the proposed Senate health care bill. ( You get two guesses how that went).

Of course these staffers claimed Senator Brown was unavailable. But we know, and you will soon read here how one of our Cleveland Tea Party Patriots DID run into Senator Brown in the hallway. It is understood that when Senator Brown was approached by our member and her feeling on the health care bill were expressed, Senator Brown stated, "I've already made up my mind," turned his back on her and walked away. Senator Brown was then joined by his wife, PD Columnist Connie Schultz, who came walking out of his office, as he continued walking away and ignoring his constiuents from Ohio. ( It sounds as if only lobbyists and union thugs are allowed to talk with Senator Brown).

That afternoon, anywhere from 10,000 - 15,000 patriots from across the U.S., gathered at Upper Senate Park for a rally staged by the Tea Party Patriots, Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, National Tax Payers Union and Americans for Prosperity....

Addressing this country-wide contingent of Patriots was Mark Meckler & Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots, Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity, Senator Tom Colburn (R-Okla.), Jim DeMint (R-SC), and other Senators favoring “Kill the Bill”, Rick Scott, Chairman, Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, Laura Ingraham (Click here for video of Ingraham's speech)
and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann...

Isn't remarkable that two Obama supporting tourists can unexpectedly get breakfast with the President, two Reality TV wannabes attend a black tie event at the Red Shed on the Hill, but voters wanting to excercise their First Amendment rights are escorted out of a Senators office or are forced to jump through hoops backwards for a meeting with their Senators?

What I find equally remarkable and telling is that the main stream liberal media will devote non-stop attention to Tiger Woods indiscretion(s) (the same indiscretions that they defended Bill Clinton over) yet they fail to report a rallly of over 10,000 people speaking out about health care. The Gay Rights rally held in D.C. earlier this year, which had a paltry attendence, made the front page of the New York Times -- and the only thing we got from a 3rd Patriot trip to D.C. is this blog post!

Don't worry Patriots, even though the politicians & Connie Shultz-like media hacks try to ignore us, polls show the American public is waking up to the Tea Party Patriot movement. It is through the American public and voters that we gain our strength. Remember.... politicians can and will be replaced -- the good Americans across the U.S. joining our ranks can't be!


  1. My God that looks like alot of people there!

  2. From everything we have heard the crowd was easily at 10,000 to 15,000. Now let's see if Connie Schulz writes anything about her husband turning his back on an OH voter or if she will just continue on with her drivel at the Propaganda Dealer.

    When do you want to start blogging here? :)


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