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Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Call for D.C. Code Red

This is the last call for those wanting a seat on the bus departing Cleveland for the D.C. Code Red Rally on Dec. 15th.

Bus will depart Cleveland for D.C. at 2:00am December 15 and depart D.C. for Cleveland at 5:00pm. If you want to go email: clevelandteaparty@gmail.com with RE: DC Bus Trip Reservation, before 8:00am Monday December 14th. The cost is $50.00

The events are being hosted by several groups, including: Tea Party Patriots, Freedom Works, Patients First - a project of Americans for Prosperity, Let Freedom Ring, National Taxpayers Union and others.

We will be having Government Waiting Rooms in targeted Senate offices and be making Emergency Calls to the all the Senate offices through the day. We will be making Emergency Calls to Ohio Senators Brown and Voinovich. Bring handwritten letters from your family, friends and co-workers and you can deliver them personally.

The objective of the Government Waiting Rooms event is to show the impact of rationing and long waiting lists that will occur if our government takes over our health care. The event will start as a sit-in; however, throughout the day, we will have people dying from causes like not getting preventive treatment (i.e. mammograms until 50) or waiting for cancer treatment.

There will be a rally at 1:00pm and the list of speakers so far includes;
  • Senator Tom Colburn, M.D.
  • Senator Jim DeMint
  • Laura Ingraham
  • Rick Scott, Chairman, Conservatives for Patients Right.
We know this is a busy time of year for everyone and an event like this is asking a lot. But at a time like this it is important not to think about how we are inconvenienced but to remember the sacrifices the Founders Fathers of this great country made for our Freedom.

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