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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Senator George Voino-Grinch: Helps Democrats deliver another piece of Christmas Eve Coal

While most of us were upset over the "lump of coal" Health Care bill passing on Christmas Eve & a party line vote in the Senate, there was not much coverage on the second lump of coal the Senate dropped on America. The Senate voted to increase our nations already Milky Way high debt ceiling another $290 billion, raising it to a total of $12.4 trillion.

Even more disturbing is, passing on a 60-39 vote, this legislation would have failed except for the kick in the conservative Christmas cookies delivered by none other than Ohio's own Senator George Voino-Grinch....

There was one defection on each side: GOP Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio and Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana.

Voinovich, who is retiring, said he voted "yes" after Majority Leader Harry Reid agreed to consider amendments when the Senate takes up the matter again next month. Bayh told the Senate Budget Committee in November that he would oppose an increase in the limit unless Congress commits to a strict new debt-fighting plan.

The current measure is needed as a result of the out-of-control budget deficit, which registered $1.4 trillion for the budget year that ended in September. The current debt ceiling is $12.1 trillion and is set to be reached by Dec. 31. (The Plain Dealer)

The liberally biased Plain Dealer makes a point several times in the article to cite that the Republicans did this twice when Bush was in office -- as if that makes it right!

With Harry Reid desperate as a crack addict needing that next rock to pass this legislation and Bayh jumping ship, Senator Voinovich could have held strong and demanded the oversight panel to curb the debt be put in place if they wanted his vote. Instead Voinovich takes a empty promise from Harry Reid (???) that they can look at it amendments at a later date. This is about the same as Cuyahoga County Chairman Rob Frost supporting the forced sales tax increase for the Med Mart after being promised the tax will be rescinded in 30 years.

Voinovich was in a position to use his influence and vote to demand concessions -- such as the bipartisan task force to curb spending. But like the other senator from Ohio, Voinovich walks away with nothing. With Voinovich, a so-called conservative from Cuyahoga County, these types of things are only to be expected and this is EXACTLY why we were concerned about his vote on the health care bill.

Showing that he is a spineless hypocrite, just a curious & confused conservative or was masquerading as a "fiscal conservative", Voinovich posted a press release proudly thumping his chest that part of the reasons he was against the nearly $2 trillion health care bill was the out of control costs and the impact it will have on our national debt....

“Americans watching the health care debate in Washington should know that the actions of Congress will have far-reaching consequences on their lives and our entire economy."

“Just this week, our national debt surpassed the $12 trillion mark. My colleagues know we face a fiscal train wreck..." (emphasis added)

So on one hand Voinovich rightfully claims we are facing a fiscal train wreck, then on the other hand he gives out the boarding passes for free by voting to increase the national debt. He might as well of just voted for the Senate Health Care bill it appears he secretly wanted. Because - in effect - with his vote to increase the debt limit he is supporting it through the back door!

As they are inheriting his votes, and before Voinovich does anymore damage, it would be a sign of true leadership if the candidates running to replace the retiring RINO would call him out on this irresponsible vote of plunging our country into deeper debt.

But will these candidates show the Tea Party Patriots and 9.12 members that they are leaders and challenge the ranking Senator from our state?

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