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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Buckeye Firearms gives out 2010 Endorsements & Grades

For our members interested in what candidates running for office believe in and support the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, Buckeye Firearms has released their grades and endorsements in the upcoming May Primary races. (Click here to read)

We've noticed some new candidates have been endorsed in the State Central Committee races over the longtime GOP favored incumbents. Namely in Senate District 25 where Ron Lisy was endorsed over long time incumbent Dave Bailey and Mike Griffith was endorsed over former OH Republican Party Chairman and incumbent Bob Bennett in Senate District 23.

On the Democrat side, challenging Rep. Betty Sutton in Congressional District 13, Justin Wooden was given the endorsement.

These BFA endorsements are being listed strictly as educational material and not as endorsements from the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots.


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