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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Immigration Reform Groups Target Ohio Senators


Arzella (Lake/Geauga County Tea Party Patriots) has been on top of immigrations issues here in OH and on a national level. Arzella forwarded the below information on how pro-immigration groups are making targeted efforts urging our OH Senators to support "their" version of immigration reform.

We need you to contact Sen. Brown & Sen. Voinovich and let them know your feelings on any immigration reform.

From the Lake/Geauga County Tea Party Patriots --
Immigration reform advocates in OH are visiting every U.S. Senate office across the state, urging public support and immediate action on reform legislation

A diverse coalition of immigration reform supporters are touring the state, asking Senators Brown and Voinovich to publicly support comprehensive immigration reform legislation this year.

Every office of Senator Brown and Senator Voinovich needs to receive phone calls, e-mails and faxes on this issue. We do not need an Amnesty Bill passed. What we need is for our borders to be secured and our existing immigration laws to be enforced. In 1986 amnesty was given to approximately 3 million illegal immigrants. It is now 2010 and we are looking at over 20 million illegal immigrants.

Senator Sherrod Brown:

DC p (202) 224-2315 f (202) 228-6321
Cleveland p (216) 522-7272 f (216) 522-2239
Cincinnati p (513) 684-1021 f (513) 684-1029
Columbus p (614) 469-2083 f (614) 469-2171
Lorain p(440) 242-4100 f (440) 242-4108

Senator George Voinovich

DC p (202) 224-3353
Toledo p (419) 259-3895 f (419) 259-3899
Cinncinati p (513) 684-3265 f (513) 684-3269
Nelsonville p (740) 441-6410 f (740) 753-3551
Columbus p (614) 469-6697 f (614) 469-7733
Cleveland p (216) 522-7095 f (216) 522-7097

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