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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Protect City of Euclid voting Rights

Our Euclid Team Leader, Jason Alan, put this together for voters in Euclid.


  • In Nov. of 2009 Euclid Council terms were extended from 2 to 4 yr. terms. Now if they perform poorly we have to wait possibly 4 years to VOTE them out.

  • OR another way for them to be removed is to gather signatures in the form of a petition and have it placed on the next elections ballot.

  • Issues 26 and 27 deal with this and are on the May 4th primary ballot in the form of city AMENDMENTS.

  • ISSUE 26 Article III, Section 2,
    Recall - The charter of the city of Euclid be amended to increase the number of signatures needed to file such petitions (removal of elected officials) to 25 percent of the electors voting in the most recent general election.

  • Currently, the charter requires ONLY 15% of those who voted in last years election.

  • ISSUE 27 Should Article III, Section 2,
  • Recall of the Charter of the City of Euclid be amended to require a declaration of intent to petition for the removal of any elected officer of the city; and to impose a 45 day time limit on the filing of petitions after the declaration has been filed.

  • Currently, there is NO time limit on the gathering of signatures for recall.

  • The DECLARATION to RECALL is something new.

  • If you combine the new staggered City Council terms, with the newly added 4 year terms and if ISSUES 26 and 27 pass they are further distancing themselves from us “Their Employers”.

  • This does NOTHING to benefit the residents of Euclid, and will ONLY benefit the elected officials “Our Employees”

On Issues 26 and 27

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