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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots members running for ORP State Central Committee


There are several CTPP members running for State Central Committee (SCC) for the Ohio Republican Party. For those that don't know what this is.... in a nutshell -- these are the party positions for the State Parties that give out endorsements, vote on party policy and choose the party chairman. The SCC is responsible for the political musical chairs we see in the State Races on the GOP ticket. FOr more on the ORP antics in this years primaries click here.

The SCC is why you only have Mike DeWine to vote for as AG in the GOP primary. Voting in these races is of the utmost importance if we want to stop party hacks from being promoted as candidates, and have a way to advance candidates that share yur views and embrace our core values.

While this not an endorsement, we went to let everyone know some of our members have stepped up as individuals and decided to run for these seats. The SCC is comprised of one woman and one man for each State Senate District. Please check or verify the Senate District where you reside.

A map identifying the state senate district for each Ohio county can be found at

For this area they are as follows;

Senate District 21
Sue Rodman
Charles Drake

Senate District 23

Mike Griffiths (running against former ORP Chairman Bob Bennett)

Senate District 24
Molly Smith

Senate District 25
Ron Lisy (running against former vice-chair of Republican Party of Cuyahoga County)
Bev Goldstein

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