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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

John Kasich releases "Jobs Ohio" Plan (Video)

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From John Kasich --

John Kasich’s top priority is to revive Ohio’s economy and create jobs. With almost 400,000 Ohioans out of work on Ted Strickland’s watch, we know that Ohio’s current strategies aren’t working.

Though once a cutting-edge organization, the Ohio Department of Development has become bogged down with bureaucracy and programs that are not related to economic development. A change is needed.

Ohio’s economic development efforts must be re-aligned to make job creation and economic development a priority and must be rooted in the belief that economic health comes from a strong innovative, flexible private sector, not from government.

A New, Private Sector Economic Development Corporation

As governor, John Kasich will replace Ohio’s government-run economic development functions with JobsOhio, a new not-for-profit corporation which will report to the governor and oversee the state’s efforts to revive the state’s economy and create jobs. A private-sector approach to economic development will be more responsive to the needs of business.
  • A board of directors comprised of CEOs will be an important asset for selling the state at the highest levels;

  • An expert staff focused solely on economic development will give businesses confidence that their needs will be met and help rebuild Ohio’s reputation as a good place for business;

  • The increased accountability of a private corporation will produce better results.
Freeing Ohio’s economic development efforts from their current bureaucratic mindset and shifting them to a new private sector corporation will allow Ohio to more aggressively help existing businesses grow and expand and attract new businesses to Ohio as well.

To read the complete Jobs Ohio Plan click here.

Disclaimer: This posting should not in anyway be taken as our endorsement or implied support for John Kasich. This posting is only meant to serve educational purposes for our members and the general voting public.

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