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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Senator Sherrod Brown calls those who opposed Health Care "Racist"

President Obama's puppet from Ohio, Senator Sherrod Brown, feels all those who opposed the recently passed health care reform are racist. And then typical of the double speak dipweeds in D.C., "clarifies" his statements....
During a bipartisan education seminar for congressional interns last week, Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown told a crowd of young people that those who opposed the Democrats’ health-care reform plan were on the wrong side of history, much like segregationists who opposed the Civil Rights movement.

While most speakers who participate in the summer lecture series discuss what it’s like working in Washington or use the time to motivate the internship class, some who were present during the Tuesday meeting said Brown took the opportunity to launch what they considered to be “a partisan attack.”

“He said that people who were opposed to health-care reform were similar to the bigots and racists that were against desegregation reform,” a Republican congressional intern who attended the lecture told The Daily Caller. The intern requested not to be named. “It was ridiculous,” he added.

A spokeswoman for Brown’s office confirmed that the senator discussed how Republicans use the filibuster, but clarified that he did not intend to compare opponents of the recent health-care law passed in May to supporters of segregation. (Daily Caller)

So Brown feels people who opposed the Constitution shredding health care reform that will in effect through cuts to Medicaid & Medicare wheel seniors into a corner and let them die are racist but remains silent about groups openly calling for the destruction of the United States and killing of U.S. citizens.

Would you expect anything less from a person such as Sherrod Brown who has long pushed an anti-American agenda?


  1. So I don't usually comment on these types of blogs, big fat liberal that I am, but I feel like I should offer my perspective. I have to disagree that the PPACA was bad for seniors. It closes the gap in Medicare Part D and doesn't touch the main Medicare funds, in fact extending the life of Medicare by several years. So the law extends Medicare and reduces costs for Seniors. It spends a teeny tiny amount (relative to total health spending) to cover 30 million more people - seems like a good trade to me.

  2. David, you either don't see how much the rest of us will be taxed to cover all of this nonsense or you don't want to see it because it furthers your agenda.

  3. David, don't forget the "teeny tiny" amount that the Democrats kept out of the phony calculations to show your "teeny tiny" amount, such as the funding for the massive buildup of the IRS. Also, don't forget the massive costs in terms of jobs and increased health insurance premiums - ask any small business owner what's happening to premiums next year. Or the Democrat "party of the people" that drafted this law in part to give us a caste system. The upper caste can have insurance that if the majority of all Americans dares presume to, the majority low caste member is taxed a punitive 25% of the premium for health insurance that's called "health insurance" for an upper caste (a union worker who has no choice about funding the DNC with his dues)American, but is derisively called "Cadillac Insurance" if any other dare aspire to the same level of care as a payee into the Democrat Party polical machine. That's not liberalism or conservatism, its vicious politics waged against the citizenry by your liberal democrat heroes.


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