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Friday, August 13, 2010

Senate Unanimously Passes Bi-Partisan Border Security Bill

Senator Chuck Schumer, unanimously passes a $600 million border-security bill authorizing an additional 1,500 Border Agents to protect our border....

From New Patriot Journal via WSJ --
On Thursday, the chamber approved a $600 million border-security bill in 31 minutes, from opening gavel to final passage. While their colleagues were enjoying a summer recess, Sen. Chuck Schumer flew in from New York and Sen. Ben Cardin drove his Pontiac from Baltimore to represent the entire Senate in its cavernous chamber.

Mr. Schumer delivered the opening (and closing) speech, while Mr. Cardin sat in the presiding official's chair. Mr. Schumer told his fellow Democrat that he hoped the border bill, which provides 1,500 additional border agents, would "clear the path" for talks on revamping the nation's immigration rules.

"I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to join in this important task," he added, looking around at 99 empty seats.

The New York Democrat proposed passing the bill by "unanimous consent," meaning it would become law as long as no one objected. Mr. Cardin asked the empty room if anyone did, and, not surprisingly, response came there none. Just like that, the bill was on its way to the president's desk. More....

I believe this may be the first piece of legislation the Administration has passed with no opposition. Congratulations -- on their first bi-partisan bill!

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