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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Freshman Congressman Bill Johnson (OH-6) Faces Challenge in GOP Primary

Freshman GOP Congressman Bill Johnson from Ohio's 6th Congressional District will be facing challenger Victor Smith in the primary this year.  The winner will face off against the winner of the Democrat primary between former Congressman Charlie Wilson and Cas Adulewiz.

Working through the Ohio Project and helping to form Grassroots Ohio, Victor worked tirelessly to help pass Issue 3 the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment.

Getting into office as a result of the GOP sweep across Ohio more so than being elected because of his ability, Congressman Bill Johnson has been a loyal servant to Speaker John Boehner instead of the people he was elected to represent.

Sent to D.C. to stop the out of control spending, Congressman Johnson did just the opposite and voted in support of the Continuing Resolutions, Omnibus Bills and Raising the Debt Ceiling.  Equally, if not more disturbing is that Congressman Bill Johnson voted in support of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 (NDAA), a new law allowing for Indefinite Military Detention of U.S. Citizens Without Charge or Trial.

While this is NOT an endorsement of any candidate, it should be noted that Congressman Bill Johnson, after ignoring the requests of many of Tea Party / Liberty group members that voted him into office, continually sided with the establishment elected elite & Speaker Boehner. 

From The Marietta Times --

Waterford resident Victor Smith has spent recent months working with The Ohio Project to get the Ohio health care freedom amendment on last November's ballot but in the next few months, he'll be campaigning as a candidate for Ohio's 6th district Congressional seat in the March primary election.

Smith, a Republican, is running along with Republican Incumbent Bill Johnson, of Marietta, Democrat Charlie Wilson, of St. Clairsville and Democrat Cas Adulewicz, of Steubenville.

Smith is a 1965 Warren High School graduate and 1969 graduate of the West Point United States Military Academy in New York. He retired from the military in 1989 and became a registered professional engineer in Ohio, working for several local plants, including DuPont and Union Carbide. He most recently worked as a consulting engineer for Apex Engineering's Marietta office.

Smith said his No. 1 priority is ensuring that the government does not stand in the way of Utica shale drilling.

New horizontal drilling technology is expected to be used in the coming years to tap into Marcellus and Utica shale deposits that are present in Ohio.

"It represents a great boom for our region, our state and our country," he said. "Everything is taken out at 10,000 feet, so this idea that they're going to pollute the groundwater - it doesn't happen."

Smith said he's also concerned about the National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed into law at the end of December by President Barack Obama.

"Sections 1021, 1022 and 1023 need to be taken out," he said. "Those sections give the president the right to define what constitutes a terrorist...and that's not a power you give to any president, period."

Smith said he's also concerned about the debt ceiling, saying it should not be raised. Obama asked Congress Thursday to raise it by $1.2 trillion.

"What Congress is doing right now and they're continuing to do is max one credit card and take another credit card to pay it off with," he said. "Congress, by increasing the debt ceiling, has managed to not kick the can down the road - they're saying 'we don't care, we will never, ever fix this.'"

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