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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1000 Days & Counting; The Epic Failures of the Senate Democrats & Senator Sherrod Brown

Today marks the 1000th day that the US Senate has failed to pass a budget. Budgets are something that most Americans encounter, whether in their homes, in their jobs, in their businesses, or in their community groups, etc.

The purpose of a budget is to lay out a guideline for revenues and expenditures, so that one can have a forecast of the year to come.

It is no wonder our elected officials can’t seem to balance the budget and get our fiscal house in order. There is no budget; no guide to even point them in the right direction. In fact, they can’t find the “BOLDNESS” to cut even $1 from the federal budget!

In an economic environment where many Americans are out of work, losing their jobs, and struggling to find jobs, it is unacceptable that the members of the US Senate have been allowed to go on without completing a basic function of their jobs for nearly 3 years!

A budget is one of the most basic and fundamental requirements of our legislature and now for 1000 days, the Democrat led Senate & Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has failed.

What would happen to you if you failed to do your job for 1000 days? You would lose your job!  But thinking they are better than the American public, the Senate Democrats along with Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown, even after failing to do their job for 1000 days - still keep their job

No Budget. No Direction. No Leadership.

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