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Sunday, January 8, 2012

President Obama Jeopardizes Extension of Pay Roll Tax Deduction with Raises for Federal Workers

In another campaign year move to buy votes at the expense of hard working Americans, President Obama, while also wanting to again raise the debt ceiling, feels pay raises for federal employees running our over-bloated government are in order...

From The Hill --

President Obama is on track to propose a modest increase in federal civilian workers pay as part of his 2013 budget due in early February, an administration official confirmed Friday.

The 0.5 percent pay increase comes after two years during which civilian pay was frozen to save billions. The 2013 pay increase is far less than the current rate of inflation, which stood at 3.4 percent in November compared to a year earlier.

Republicans have proposed keeping the civilian pay freeze in place for at least one more year.

By keeping the increase modest, the White House expects to free up $2 billion for other uses in 2013, and $28 billion over 10 years compared to the budget baseline.
Even though he has yet to complete his 2010 budget and the Republicans continually fail to point out this fact, President Obama is actually thinking about putting forth a budget for 2012. Well bless his heart - what a splendid idea!

But if you look at the costs and the projected savings, we see they are again using magic government math to showed a proposed savings to pay for these raises.  Yes, by using magic government math (budget baseline) over real math you are able to spend more and make it look like less. Yep, just like that - Abracadabra... and "Poof" - imaginary cuts and savings.

For a quick video to explain how magic government math works click here.

Republicans in the House have proposed continuing a pay freeze for federal employees as a way of paying for the temporary and any further extension of the pay roll-tax deduction benefiting scores of hard working Americans and business owners across the states.

Putting their checking accounts before what's best for our country and in donning the "woe is me" cape of victimhood, Federal workers are more than willing to accept President Obama's campaign year payoff....

“Federal employees are working with severely limited resources,” NTEU President Colleen Kelley wrote in a letter to the 20 lawmakers on the conference committee earlier this week. “They have faced government shutdowns four times this year, yet they have worked diligently to deliver services to the public. To ask them to bear such a disproportionate additional burden is unfair and unacceptable.”

"The good news is that the pay freeze is ending, but I am disappointed at the size of the proposed 2013 increase,” she said.

But, “a permanent pay freeze is not an acceptable policy,” one of the senior administration officials said Friday, according to a Washington Post report.
First, the ONLY REASON we faced four government shutdowns the past year is because President Obama and the Democrats failed to do their job and never put forth or passed a budget. 

Simply put, the threat of government shut downs were over the need to pass Continuing Resolutions in order to pay for running our already over blown federal government through the year.  These Continuing Resolutions would not have been needed, thus no threats of government shut downs, had President Obama and the Democrats put forth a budget that was passed.

Second, and the point of this post - with the defiant and determined stance of the Administration that these federal workers will get a pay raise clearly shows President Obama, by jeopardizing any further extension of the pay roll tax deductions set to expire at the end of February, will put big government spending, political patronage and buying votes with tax dollars before the financial well being of the hard-working, middle class American people he "claims" to represent.

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