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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oakland County (MI) Democrat Official Sentenced Over Fake Tea Party Candidates

It looks like if the democrats can't win through voter fraud, they are not above candidate fraud...

From the Detroit Free Press --

A former Oakland County Democratic party operative was sentenced to one year probation and ordered to pay more than $2,500 in fines and court costs for his role in creating “fake” tea party candidates in the 2010 election, in an effort to siphon off support for legitimate Republican candidates.

Jason Bauer, 31, of Waterford said nothing as Oakland County Circuit Court judge James Alexander, a former official with the county’s Republican party, told Bauer what he did was equivalent to murder.

“This is as heinous as someone who tries to kill somebody else,” Alexander said.

Bauer, in November, pleaded no contest to five felony counts of perjury and falsifying notarized documents. He and fellow Democratic official Michael McGuinness were indicted by a one man grand jury in March for attempting to put unknowing residents on the ballot as “tea party” candidates. Investigators said the ruse was an attempt to lure Republican votes, which would dilute the votes for authentic candidates. Click for more...
Running a "Smoker" in a race is not uncommon, but working to get someone on the ballot without their knowledge is taking it to a new low for the left and nothing short of political idiocy.  How these two guys thought they would not get caught is remarkable -- but when dealing with party hacks like this -- anything should be expected.

Here in Ohio I am sure we had some candidates using the "Tea Party" tag to get votes and raise money - the most noted fake Tea Party candidate was current Secretary of State John Husted during the 2010 elections. 

Thankfully most of the grassroots Tea Party groups in this state were already aware that SoS Husted, Ohio's Happy Hypocrite, was anything but a Tea Party candidate. In fact, the only relation John Husted would have with the Tea Party is if he would have been driving the British ship into the Boston Harbor."

If a candidate is a 'real' Tea Party supporter, you will see it in their actions and not their words or glossy handouts.

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