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Monday, January 2, 2012

My early pick for the Republican nomination

An Open Letter to Tea Party Voters

        By Jeffrey Moore

I have been trying to logically ferret out any misconceptions I may have about the Republican presidential field before the start of the caucus and voting season. I want to take a look at each one here and try to come to a reasoned decision by voting time. For the fact that all of these candidates have desirable attributes among them, it would be preferable to nominate an amorphous being which possesses the best aspects of each one. Unfortunately I do not have that option. Needless to say, most of these candidates represent the possibility of stepping back from the brink. Each has an element that stands up favorably to the one man wrecking crew named Obama. In contravention to common belief, we have the strongest field of candidates in DECADES. Yes … decades! This is for the fact that they possess an assortment of distributed qualities and the fact that the pendulum has swung so far that the swing is about to go over the top of the swing set. Very strong field. Very strong!

Who can beat Obama? Any one of them! Any one! Obama has been busy the last three years planting powder kegs of self destructing policy bombs. He has blown up the economy, corrupted the justice department, corrupted the energy department, and puffed up the unions and foreign banks with fiat Wall Street cash. This is just the start of the list of complete failures (or radical leftist warrior successes, depending on your point of view).

Many of the lucid out here in fly-over country are wise to the latest shell game. Obama and the shape shifter political class have turned the notion of a contribution to the Social Security fund straight on its head. In the good old days this deduction from wages was an insurance payment but now suddenly, it’s a tax! So Obama and his cronies are allowing Social Security to “wither on the vine” while telling the uninformed that he’s cutting taxes. He can hasten the end of Social Security, a so-called ideal of the leftist disposition, and take credit as a tax cutter as well. It is completely absurd!

This is an election that will be decided by common sense working men and working women. We need a free market leader who understands the meaning of purpose and work. I myself experienced a stint of unemployment. I took the state aid and felt the pull of the addiction to getting money for nothing. It breeds hopelessness. This administration is intent on shifting the mentality toward acceptance of the Nanny state for everyone.

This is what we’re up against. This is what the candidate will be up against. Which candidate can best articulate a different vision and act upon that vision to create positive results? In a future debate against Obama any one of the Republican hopefuls could almost just read the list of disasters, turn deadpan to the camera and say, “Really America? Is this what you truly want?”

Who among these can stir the optimism required to jump-start America?

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  1. So, if you are opposed to the renewal of the payroe withholding reduction then you must also have been opposed to the origination which wa proposed, written, promoted and passed under the GWB administration.

  2. DKHiggs, you are mistakenly assuming that anybody who opposes Obama must of necessity be in agreement with everything that GWB did. Bad decisions and bad policy are bad, no matter who or what party originates them.

  3. DkHiggs, I am opposed to the attempts to mold perception through deception. FDR sold Social Security as a public insurance fund.

    "Today many of our citizens are still excluded from old-age insurance and unemployment compensation because of the nature of their employment. This must be set aright; and it will be."


    See Item 10 in this link. Third anniversary of Social Security speech by FDR.

    My point is that it is convenient to call it insurance when you are trying to sell the idea and convenient to call it a tax when you want to be perceived as a tax cutter. To Obama it doesn't matter. He knows that the "lockbox" is full of IOU's anyway. In his opinion, who cares if you add a few more. He wants the government to piss coins out of a fountain back to the workingman so he can buy five extra loafs of bread the next week. He doesn't want to get into real tax cuts, the kind that make a guy want to sit at the table, ante up, and play a hand of "follow your dream" poker.


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