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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dennis Kucinich was on Fox News this morning

. . .talking about supporting government run health care! When we find the video (link) from Fox, we will post it. He can't hold a town hall, but he can go on the radio (WTAM), go on local TV (Feagler) and now he's gone national (Fox News).

UPDATE: Sorry, we're not real technological, but here's the link to the video and a transcript from Fox News as to the conversation between Kucinich and Megyn Kelly this morning: http://www.foxnews.com/search-results/m/25948719/united-front.htm#q=kucinich

About This Video
United Front?

United Front?

Published: Tue, 18 Aug 2009

Description: Democrats at odds over government-run health care

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

" While the White House opening the door this week into the possibility of -- health care reform bill that does not include a government run option. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen -- as saying it's really not essential. And then the White House tried to dial that back after many people in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party complaint. Well now some Democrats say the government run option is not included. This bill is essentially dead on arrival democratic Dennis Kucinich of Ohio is it big supporter of a government run plan he's my guest now good morning congressman. -- fine thanks so tell -- about this because you Kathleen sibelius opened the door. And then we heard that and many who love them more liberal members of congress put some pressure on the White House saying what the congressional progressive caucus. The congressional black caucus specifically writing letters objecting saying don't don't say the public option -- government -- is that essential. It is. Your position --"

" Well first -- you know the public option that was. Offered in the bill wasn't much to begin with. The whole idea was it was going to encourage competition between insurance companies so if you don't have that that means there is no and competition between insurance companies. And that means it costs are gonna go up senate."

" Let me just clarify that -- should point meaning in order to get the conservative blue dogs -- they had the sort of -- down to the point where they were gonna make the public option plan. Compete with private insurers when it came. Two rates so that that meeting in that's why it's taken out on T."

" Right there's not going to be any competition so that means that the costs are gonna keep going up. Just like the -- the administration made with the drug companies where -- instead of reforming Medicare part. Medicare part. Cost of drugs and keep going up so -- about anyway except. You know the government subsidizing. Private enterprise and I don't think government should be interfering in the marketplace I don't -- to be picking winners and losers in the private sector but that's exactly what this bill does."

" So how do you mean how do you get a bill that's that's meaningful through at this point because you've got the Senate. At least according to Kent Conrad one of the senators whose do -- part of this bipartisan group of six and doing the negotiating and their bill says. There's not any public option in the Senate bill that does the government run -- health care is not come at a senate they get Nancy Pelosi -- saying. We're not have a bill coming out of the house that doesn't happen so how does that -- squared up."

" First of government -- is not government run when you talk about government run that they veterans. Medicare pays the bills but it's not government run system what -- is Medicare fraud that is everyone's covered because the insurance companies take one out of every three dollars and and basically right off the top. Take that money putting -- to -- what's covered. Now what's gonna happen right now what should happen actually they should go right back to square one go to the American people instead of trying to force down. The throats of the American people a bill that no one understands. A bill that hasn't been well defined. We should go back and listen to the American people and their concerns about health care and I think when we do that the people are going to. Create the momentum that's needed -- have at a -- it's gonna cover everyone what right now this thing has been bought bungled."

" What do you -- than that though that show that the -- majority of Americans don't don't lot. The government messing with their health care. Insurance right now that they didn't and 80% I think it is of Americans are pretty happy with the health care plans as they happen."

" I think it's a measure of how the -- been mishandled rather than the underlying fact of people suddenly being in love with their premiums they're -- days they're deductibles why. Why -- you know if you have government trying to help. Lower the -- by having -- Medicare for -- the next thing you'll have is a government run government might got. I mean we we really have to get some perspective on this people don't have health care because -- can't afford the premiums they're underinsured look at because the co pays and deductibles are driving them. Into the poor house so you know we've got to go back to the people start over they need if there ever was an issue they needed a hit the reset button. This is there."

" But let me just found on that because you're talking about what some might consider relatively small faction of Americans who don't have insurance or -- under insured. Because the research shows that the vast majority of Americans have insurance. And as I point out thought at that not only -- they haven't but they're happy with and that argue of people -- against your point is. Why should we be messing with the entire system why can't we just like in this down and away. That can help those of the you know that the number the administration uses -- 47 million uninsured and -- people say it's really not nearly that big it's more like fifteen million if you exclude the so called invincible for twenty somethings who don't want it conveyed. Yeah accurately -- that probably not gonna need it and you take out the illegals and sought an -- why can't we say -- it down just a cover the people who truly are mostly neat."

" we are we -- out one nation. The fact is that the insurance companies take one out of every three dollars and everyone could be covered for the money that's already in the system -- paying for universal standard of care we're not getting it. And so -- the fact is that all these polls have been taken our polls that are really based on a bad day that dynamic of the issue as it's been mishandled. When you have 47. Million Americans to use the administration figures without any care that's -- drain on the rest of the economy. When you consider the fact that you -- watching out there are paying for someone else's health care in an emergency room. Think of what happens when you start to emphasize primary care and every -- cover the cost goes down again. So we want to have a system that that is sustainable and that's what Medicare is and I of course support HR 676 on the clock that bill Medicare for -- That's the way to really control costs that's a way to help business. And industry in the United States finally give them an advantage that other countries have over businesses here by having heart health care costs driven down."

" And that -- does -- that would end in a word I do you plan on voting for a health care bill in the house that does not have a government broader public option."

" That -- as presently exist is really not sustainable and can't be supported all right I don't intend on voting for it unless something dramatically changes congressman Dennis Kucinich thank you so much for coming up. Thank you -- yeah that would make him one of the one."


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