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Friday, August 14, 2009

Senator Brown plays hide and seek

Earlier today while eating bon bons and watching soap operas, I nodded off for a few minutes and had the most amazing dream...

In the dream, Connie Schultz wasn't married to Senator Brown, and he was (insert gasping sound) a Republican... I know, it's crazy. The tables were turned and the Republicans had control of the House and Senate. In my dream it was the Republicans trying to push a disaster disguised as Health Care Reform. Oh the pleasure she took when the Republicans were hiding from an unpopular Health Scare bill. Every Sunday I'd wake and start my morning with a diet Mountain Dew and read the immense joy that would come through the pages of her tearing into the Senator for being such a chicken. Oh, those columns were dripping with sarcasm for a United States Senator who has his staff purposely mislead his constituents. Well, not ALL of them, just the ones that aren't robots for ACORN.

Can you imagine how fun it would be to hear her take on this?

Oh wait! There's more!

Sadly, some dreams are too good to be true. Instead you have a PD columnist openly pushing her husbands agenda. I threw up a little in my mouth when I read her column on 8/2 titled Read the Health Care bill, it won't kill you. Cute, very cute. The problem for the democrats is that I, and many millions of Americans have read major sections of the bill and it is in clear contradiction to what is coming out the this administrations mouth. There are many many pages of this bill I and others would like an explanation on. You know, I'm just a dumb farm girl, but if you really believe in something, you should be able to defend it. The fact that Senator Brown has staff members routinely lie, over and over again and then stacks the deck inviting only supporters to meetings he "wasn't having" is cowardly and just wrong.

And if that's not enough, last Sunday's column put me over the top. Just the title should say it all. "Opponents of health care reform want you afraid, very afraid." Uh, note to Connie, if your husband would stop playing hide and seek with constituents, maybe he could clear this up for us. If he knows the bill, believes in the bill, he should be able to defend and debate the bill. Period. You say there should be a "thoughtful debate". Duh. So when is it?

Hourglass 1941 did a great job reporting this non-townhall, townhall in Columbus. Read more here.



    May we offer a few additional points:
    Next time a staffer says I'm here to help you/answer your questions in person, tell them "Thanks, but you were not elected by Ohioans to represent Ohio in Congress! We want to speak directly to our elected official". And if they won't let you speak with them, then, remind them that, again, in the words of Mark Levin, "We will campaign against you and defeat you".

    Also, where's Dennis Kucinich been hiding out? We only heard about his appearance on WTAM (where he could screen the calls).

    Ohioans, keep calling/writing/emailing our elected members of the Senate/Congress/White House. We've said this before and we'll say it again, Administration's/Congress's will come and go, but constituents vote for a lifetime! God Bless America and the Great State of Ohio!

  2. It appears Betty Sutton is also playing hide and seek from constituents. Shocking I know... http://brainshavings.com/mt4/mt-search.cgi?blog_id=1&tag=Betty%20Sutton&limit=20


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