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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Letter To The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)

We are writing to you because of our tremendous concern. We have read that your industry has decided to “back” the health care legislation (being promoted by the White House/Congress) through a series of commercials. Please, please do not do this, for the sake of your industry and for the sake of our country.

We understand (from your perspective) that if this health care legislation passes, your industry could stand to make a substantial profit (from the newly insured who need medication). We do not oppose capitalism; in fact, we believe that it is a cornerstone of our successful democracy. However, in this instance, we believe that the Federal government may be misleading you when they encourage your “free enterprise,” after all, as evidenced by the auto industry, nothing done with/for the government (these days) is ever “free” and tends to come with a substantial price tag.

Is your industry prepared for more government bureaucracy? Don’t you (at times) feel as though current government regulations hamper research and development? By “getting in bed” with the White House, are you prepared to be told how to make your product, how much of it to make, how much it can cost, and to whom you may distribute it? We are fearful that this is exactly what will happen to your industry if in fact you associate yourself with the proposed health care legislation. Not only will the federal bureaucracy of this legislation take away average American’s freedom of choice, we believe that in the long run, it will take away your livelihood as well.

Please take a step back from the situation and view these concerns, not as businesspersons, but as husbands/wives, fathers/mothers who want to continue to have a choice in what is best for their families. As a husband/wife, father/mother, how will you feel if you know that you have a product that can improve, potentially even save someone’s life (maybe someone in your own family), only to be told by the federal government that you can’t manufacture that product anymore because it’s too costly, or if the government starts mandating who can/cannot receive your medications? Again, just take a look at the auto industry and the government’s use of “creative destruction.” Your industry, as you now know it, will probably be replaced by one run by the Federal government (unless of course, you are hoping for a government bailout).

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our concerns. We hope that you will decide to remain “neutral” in the ongoing debate over health care. Please, for the sake of our country, for the sake of your industry!

Please consider sending an email to PhRMA expressing your concern for their involvement in the health care debate. God Bless America!


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