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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Does Obama's OFA support his Hellth Care

Tom Blumer at Bizzy Blog offers this up on the supposed support of ObamaCare by his mindless minions...
I hope the establishment media is monitoring and interested in reporting the real results of the attempt by Organizing for Astroturfing, er, America, to lobby individual members of Congress to support ObamaCare. Sadly, I doubt they are.

If what I have learned this week holds elsewhere, it will turn out to have been a complete bust, and will demonstrate that, despite attempts to make it appear otherwise, there is no grass-roots groundswell for statist health care.

In Tom's escapade into Astroturfing, he learned some very interesting information. That while the administration attempts to incorrectly dismiss arguments of anyone against the hellth care proposals as lies -- it seems they have no problem putting out lies of there own....

As you’ll see, the Guide has a few amazing claims, with no sourcing, about “The Cost of Inaction in Ohio”:

  • 1,500,000 are uninsured today in Ohio, and 1,180 Ohioans will lose their health coverage every week because of rising costs.

  • The average family premium in Ohio costs $1,000 more because our system fails to cover everyone.

  • Our broken health insurance system will cost the Ohio economy as much as $7.1 billion this year in productivity losses due to lack of coverage.

I did my own sourcing, and determined that the claims are are either flat-out wrong or squishy deceptions. More...

Click here to read Tom's whole post and see how he dismantles the above lies and about his trip to visit 1st District Rep. Steve Driehaus & 2nd District Rep. Jean Schmidt.

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