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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tea Party Patriots & Town Halls in Cleveland

Fellow Tea Party Patriots,

On Tax Day, 4/15/09, over 1.2 Million Patriots across the United States joined together in unison and sent both political parties and elected officials of all levels a message… “The Silent Majority will be Silent No More.” From the Red, White & Blue seed planted that historic day an ever-growing grass roots movement that can be called “The Re-Awakening of America’s Patriots” has sprouted and is spreading like wildfire.

Because of this patriotic reawakening rocking the boat of American politics, we are facing an unprecedented time in our country's history. Since our founding, never have Americans faced such an unabashed, full frontal assault on our God-given & Constitutionally protected rights by the politicians elected to uphold them.

This is why our behavior at these town halls is so important. We have them on the ropes, poll numbers show it! They show the growing opposition to the Hellth Care colonoscopy trying to be forced on our country.

Today we begin the visiting of our congressional representatives at the Town Hall meetings they will be conducting while they are home on recess. We have all heard about the union thugs beating a Tea Party Patriot in St. Louis and we have been hearing about all of "US" out of control protesters disrupting the meetings. The liberal MSM is having a field day by capitalizing on the actions of a few idiots. With this, they are cloaking all of us in a bad light. We cannot allow that to happen at our rally's in Cleveland or for that matter Ohio.

In line with what the National TPP are encouraging, and discussing this with fellow CTPP coordinators Glynn & Roger along with fellow State Coordinators Amy (Medina Tea Party Patriots) and Marianne (Mansfield Tea Party Patriots), we believe disrupting these Town Hall meetings is not our intent and is actually counterproductive.

On the Town Halls....

We are asking anyone going to these events to be non-confrontational. We are asking that they DO NOT disrupt the meetings and to always act in a responsible manner. It is a waste of time to argue with Obama or health care supporters. It is a waste of time trying to convince a politician otherwise if they are dead set in support these Hellth Care proposals.

Anybody confronted by a hellthcare supporter, a union thug, etc.... just tell them God Bless America and walk away. Trying to argue logic with a rock is a waste of time and energy.

Let's use our heads... our audience is the general public. We want to grow our movement and have people join any one of the many groups in the area that are starting to speak out. Talk of "call to arms", redoing our Constitution, etc.... beside being foolish, does nothing but feed into the perception that we are crack pot extremists. Furthermore, it scares people away that would otherwise be interested in getting involved.

We are starting to lose the battle of perception with the way the media is portraying us -- again this is by the actions of a small few. Using foul language, written or verbal, and veiled threats are the last thing we want to do. (and yes, some of the more unstable members have done this in the names of our groups) Our personal anger over the direction of our country needs to be put aside and channeled into useful energy for growing our movements. This is the only we we can continue our successes and save our country from the left turn to hell they are trying to take us on.

Now... let's go kick some butt in a constructive and respectfull way!

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