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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Governor Kasich's strategy for Medicaid Expansion

Oct-15, 6pm -- Ohio Tea Party Patriot co-coordinator, Marianne G. reports that she just received a call stating that State Senator Chris Widener (R) is the "YES" vote on the Controlling Board.

As you are aware, Governor Kasich is using the Controlling Board as a means to further his obsession for Medicaid expansion, and needed to sway just one Republican on the Board to do his bidding.
According to the website of the Office of Budget and Management the Controlling Board " is a mechanism for handling certain limited day-to-day adjustments needed in the state budget" and, according to the O.R.C.  "shall take no action which does not carry out the legislative intent of the general assembly regarding program goals and levels of support of state agencies as expressed in the prevailing appropriation acts of the general assembly."
So, even though the State Legislature has accurately reflected the will of their constituents by repeatedly rejecting Medicaid expansion, it appears the Controlling Board may decide differently.

Time to Melt the Phone Lines
The Legislature is Representing Us, NOT the Controlling Board

The Board should uphold the action of the state legislature, and thereby the taxpaying citizens of Ohio, by rejecting Medicaid expansion.

Call Senator Widener NOW   (614) 466-3780 

Are we sure the rest are with us?  Call the rest of the Board.
  • Senator Bill Coley  (R) - (614) 466-8072 
  • Representative Ron Amstutz (R) - (614) 466-1474
  • Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R) - (614) 466-3506 
  • Senator Tom Sawyer (D) - (614) 466-7041 
  • Representative Chris Redfern (D) - (614) 644-6011

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