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Friday, October 4, 2013

Stop Common Core with a postcard campaign

An opportunity to Act Local! 
This from Marianne (Mansfield / Ohio TPP):

Many of you are aware of the hearings that will be starting next week regarding the repeal of Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

I had a conference call with some of the leaders around the state earlier in the week, and would like to share the Repeal Common Core Postcard Campaign idea we are excited about.

Needless to say, this postcard campaign is to supplement, not replace any phone calls, emails, tweets and Facebook posts that we're already doing.
The Game Plan

Nothing hits home like a hand written letter.  The problem is, letters take forever to get through the system, but NOT postcards.
We would like to have our members send a postcard to the Chairman and the Vice-Chair of the Education Committee, which is where the first hearing will be held on Wednesday, the 9th.
Step 1.  At your next meeting (or call a special meeting) make sure every person attending has at least two blank postcards.  These postcards are very inexpensive, include postage, and can be purchased at the post office. (If you have no meeting(s) to go to, prepare your postcards at your convenience, at home, and mail them one at a time.)
Step 2.  The first paragraph could be written as:
Dear Chairman Stebelton (or Vice-Chairman Brenner),
I am a taxpaying citizen of Ohio who is writing to express my support of HB237, and the complete repeal of Common Core Standards and any related testing and data gathering.
Following is a list of talking points that can be used, but feel free to customize or add to the list:
  1. I am strongly opposed to the one-size-fits all education being forced upon us through Common Core State Standards (CCSS), including the use of the SAT and ACT which will also align with CCSS
  2. Although I agree we need higher standards, they should be developed at a state and local level, not nationalized through the federal government with various funding and grants
  3. I am educated enough to know who is behind the development, funding and push for CCSS, and who stands to benefit, and it is NOT our children
  4. After learning more and more states are pulling out or delaying implementation of CCSS.   I would hope that Ohio would also take the time to listen and learn and NOT implement an untested program, thereby using our children as the guinea pigs
  5. Governor Strickland, and others, accepted CCSS before standards were even written.  Why the rush to implement a system that has never been proven or even tested?
  6. Classical education is for everyone no matter what their talents, as it takes the ordinary mind into the direction of extraordinary thoughts and ideas
  7. Rather than focus on a multitude of courses, our children need to return to a classical form of education that builds a strong foundation on the various sciences, disciplines and arts 
  8. Classical education was the foundation of our schools till the early 20th century.  Once we changed that our schools began to experience a decline and our students began to lose the foundations on which they could build their educational pursuits
Heidi Huber, from Ohioans Against Common Core, also sent me the following documents that could be used to create additional talking points for these or future postcards: 
RNC Resolution and Letter from the US House of Representatives to Arne Duncan, Secretary of the Dept. of Education.
Step 3:  Collect all the cards at the end of the meeting and mail at one time.  This will create a greater impact upon receipt.
Step 4:  As the legislation passes through the committee, House and Senate, we will adjust our focus accordingly.

Where Do We Send the Postcards?

Rep. Gerald Stebelton, Chair (R) 
Phone (614) 466-8100 
Rep. Andrew Brenner, Vice Chair (R)
Phone (614) 644-6711  
The Chairman and Vice Chair have the same mailing address:
77 S. High St  
13th Floor  
Columbus, OH 43215 
Click Here for a Complete List of the Education Committee members.  If your Rep. is on the committee, you may want to also send a postcard to him or her. 

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