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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Conservative Groups Unite to Stop GOP Push for Weak Immigration Laws

Seeing there are GOP leaders like, Speaker BoehnerRep Eric Cantor, Rep. Paul Ryan, and Senator Rubio, along with some so-called conservative groups like the Koch Brothers (AFP) and National Federation of Republican Women, that are actually joining with the Democrats in pushing for weaker immigration laws, many Tea Party, liberty and conservative grassroots groups are gearing up for the soon to come fight over illegal immigration.

From The Daily Caller --
Tea party groups and small-government activists are applying grassroots pressure to stop the House from approving the Senate immigration bill, which would triple immigration to roughly 33 million people over 10 years.

An Oct. 17 letter from more than 100 conservative leaders and tea party activists to the Republican Speaker of the House, Rep. John Boehner, says the Senate bill is so flawed that it would create a “disaster” for Americans, even if it is merged with a perfect House immigration bill.

“We ask you to make a public commitment that the House of Representatives will not conference any House immigration bill with any version of the Senate immigration, or engage in any informal negotiations to do so,” reads the one-page letter, which is accompanied by three pages of signatures from conservatives, tea party leaders and immigration reform groups.

“In the absence of such a commitment, we, and the millions of Americans our organizations represent, will have no choice but to oppose all efforts to bring any immigration legislation before the House of Representatives,” the letter concludes.

The signers include Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots, Mike Needham from Heritage Action, and Phyllis Schlafly from the Eagle Forum. The immigration groups who signed the letter include NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform. (Read More....)

To read the letter click here.

The groups from Ohio signing onto this letter are as follows;

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots - Co-Founder Ralph King
Grassroots Rally Team of Ohio - Coordinator Arzella Melnyk
Greater Buckeye Lake Patriots - Coordinator Chuck Nichols
Knox County 9-12 Project - Coordinator Robert Lloyd
Mansfield Tea Party - Coordinator Marianne Gasiecki
Medina Tea Party Patriots - Co-Founder Amy Brighton
New American Patriots - Blogger Diane Greenwood
Totally Engaged Americans - Organizer Kirsten Hill
Zainesville Patriots - Coordinator Kay Clymer

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