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Saturday, October 19, 2013

More media sleights-of-hand on Obamacare

If you thought the mainstream media was finally waking up and smelling the coffee -- after all, they are reporting on the "glitches" (read: epic failure) in the Obamacare rollout and expressing their displeasure -- well, think again. From Ben Shapiro at Breitbart [emphasis added]: 

Even Jay Carney said on Thursday that Obama was “not happy” with the rollout. “The accountability the president seeks today is the accountability that comes from those who are working on implementation,” Carney explained.Then he added the punchline: “Although the glitches are unacceptable, so is the idea of leaving millions of Americans on their own, including families across the country who now have access to health care that they did not have.” 
And this, it turns out, is the unspoken undertone to all the media coverage of the Healthcare.gov glitches: the notion that the biggest problem with Obamacare will be web implementation, not the systematic attempt at bankrupting the entire insurance and healthcare industry. The premise seems to be that if Healthcare.gov is fixed, all will be well. That’s why from October 1 through October 16, the Washington Post ran literally dozens of stories on the glitches, but virtually none on victims of Obamacare – in the view of the left media, there are no such victims. It’s why the networks spent several minutes nearly every night featuring the glitches, all while suggesting that Americans were growing closer every day to the glories of Obamacare’s promises. 
And we can thank Sen. Mitch McConnell and Speaker Boehner for, once again, caving and not voting conservative values.
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  1. Amen! Wonder how long its gonna take for the truth to get so obvious it can't be covered any longer by the Obamateers?


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