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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mr. President: Tear Down This Wall!

Thousands in DC tear down the walls!

Photos from the linked sources below.

Million Vet March: In DC, thousands of vets and civilians take the barricades blocking the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII memorial -- and take them to the White House!

Photo reports and tweets/twitchy updates at the Blaze, WTOP, Breitbart (includes video link by Iowahawk/David Burge), Gateway Pundit and here, and a report from yesterday at the Vietnam War Memorial at Power Line

Faces in the crowd:

UPDATE: More photos at Conservatives4Palin (and be sure to scroll down for the Governor's remarks to the vets).

UPDATE 3pm: More photos as Weasel Zippers.

UPDATE 3:30: Lots more at Twitchy.
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