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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Definitive Guide to How Obamacare is Destroying American Lives

Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'

The Matt Walsh blog asked readers for their real life stories describing how they are affected personally by Obamacare. His website was overwhelmed with responses. Below is part of his introductory overview; then click on the link here and scroll down to read some real life horror stories.

The Definitive Guide to How Obamacare is Destroying American Lives

Every time some Statist nincompoop extols the virtues of Obamacare; every time they insist that the “Affordable Care Act” has done nothing but “help” low and middle income families; every time they babble incoherently about how Obamacare isn’t “perfect” but it’s still “better” than what we had before — show them this. Challenge them to read what is happening out there. This isn’t abstract. It isn’t academic. It isn’t a matter of ideology. It isn’t even an issue of constitutionality (although it’s that, also). This is about people. People with kids, and bills, and health problems. This is about people who can no longer afford their health coverage, their mortgages, their lifesaving medication. This is about doctors and nurses leaving medicine behind, driven away by destructive bureaucratic interference. This is about moms and dads losing their jobs so that their employers can compensate for the financial burden of Obamacare. This is about people without insurance because of Obamacare, now being fined for not having insurance because of Obamacare. This is about business owners driven to the edge of bankruptcy. This is real. We heard a lot of fantasies about what Obamacare was “supposed” to accomplish, now it’s time to talk about what it’s actually doing. 
So when they say you are “heartless” for opposing Obamacare, show them why it’s heartless to support it.
The real life stories that Walsh is collecting are heart-rending, infuriating .. and just beginning. 

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