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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Obamacare Discriminates Against Poor People

President Obama, Senate President Harry Reid and the rest of the Donkey Brigade are always claiming how Obamacare is needed to help the poor and unfortunate to receive healthcare they cannot afford. 

But as we see below, if you were ever in a bad financial way, have marginal credit or bad credit -- you will be singled out based on your credit score and will be charged higher rates.

Too bad you are just a normal hard working American trying to make ends meet, because if you were special and worked as one of Obama or Reid's Congressional Staff members -- you would be eligible for subsidies and a possible exemption.....

From Click Orlando --

Many people signing up for health care in Florida through the Affordable Care Act have been shocked when they have to give proof of their credit score before they finish the process.

Anne Packham, one of many people licensed by the state to help people navigate the government's website, said on Tuesday that the credit check occurs so providers can make an educated decision about who to insure.

"If someone is defaulting on all of their bills they may not want to have them as part of their health plan," said Packham, the lead Navigator in Florida.

Participants with low credit scores could end up paying higher premiums, according to Packham, who said that ultimately the insurance company makes the call.

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