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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Rigged Election: Project Veritas- Clinton, Collusion & Criminality

James O’Keefe released the first of his undercover Project Veritas videos that capture explicit statements from personnel identified with various political organizations working to disrupt Trump and Pence events. These are the people and organizations behind, for example, the cancellation, due to security concerns, of the Trump rally in Chicago. These organizations are not supposed to coordinate with campaigns and the DNC, and you will learn how they position themselves to get around the laws to achieve their goals.

Part 1 of “A Rigged Election,” above, is 16 minutes along. It is very disturbing to watch, and you will need a strong stomach. There is obviously more to come.

Part 1, all by itself, would be a a thorough rejoinder to Greg Gutfeld’s disingenuous statement yesterday on Fox that Trump’s sounding the alarm over a rigged election is premature – sort of like challenging the referee before the game is played. Oh? 

What about the voter registration fraud we are already seeing in Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvaniaand elsewhere ? What about the actual voter fraud documented from the 2012 election. And now we have Part 1 of “A Rigged Election” that shows the individuals, organizations, and methods underlying all this disruption, fraud, and corruption.

The second video below (h/t Sundance) is James O’Keefe’s short message on what Tea Party people can do to bust through the corporate media black-out on the Part 1 video, per above.

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