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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

UPDATE: Project Veritas video cited in FEC complaint

art credit: Public Interest Legal Foundation

That was fast!

J. Christian Adams, a frequent contributor to TV news, heads up the Public Interest Legal Foundation. A member of his team just filed a complaint naming the DNC (Democratic National Committee), Hillary For America, and other individuals and organizations. The complaint credits Project Veritas Action, i.e., James O’Keefe’s expos√©s on video of potentially illegal actions behind the Clinton campaign and deliberate efforts to rig elections. A reader at Treehouse posted a link to the pdf file with the complaint. It is addressed to the Federal Election Commission and demands an investigation. It’s a start, and it is good to see O'Keefe's undercover work forming part of the basis for the legal complaint.

For the two Project Veritas videos just released, see here and here

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