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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Politics of Personal Destruction. Again.

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Politico is reporting “an avalanche of revelations and allegations about Trump’s behavior toward women.” Just coming out now? Astonishing timing. With less than a month before the election.

We’ve seen this before. Remember Herman Cain’s accusers? (Here’s one of the reports.) As soon as Cain dropped out of the 2011-12 primary race, we heard nothing more. No cases went forward. The women dropped out of sight.  

And like clockwork, attorney Gloria Allred (who represented women accusing Cain) has stepped forward to help the alleged victims take legal action against Trump.

Trump’s speech today in West Palm Beach takes on this latest attack – head on. You can read the transcript here. Or you can watch the speech live streamed here (his speech at the rally starts at 1:21:38.
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