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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump and voter values

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The dinosaur media is having collective apoplexy over the recently released locker room remarks that Donald J. Trump made over 10 years ago, as a private citizen, in what he assumed was a private conversation. The faux outrage expressed by the media and the political elites in the Uniparty is laughable. Most of us have heard far worse, and if we don't like what we hear, we voice an objection, ignore it, or walk away. 

And if I had to guess, since Miss Universe’s (Miss Piggy) complaints-for-hire about Trump were broadcast all over the place, and now we get the locker room remarks, well, there will probably be some more October surprises. And we can watch as more RINOs reach for their smelling salts while withdrawing their Trump endorsements. Looking at you Rob Portman.

But those in the Trump basket of Les Deplorables, vulgar as they are, don’t seem to need their smelling salts. Many reader comments posted to various websites reflect different values: voters prefer crude over corrupt. They may not like locker room sexual braggadocio, but they’ll take that over a candidate whose career is a litany of brazenly criminal actions. Trump’s words didn’t break any laws, get anybody killed, jeopardize American security, or destabilize the Middle East.

When Ted Cruz imploded at the RNC, mega-donors Robert and Rebekah Mercer withdrew their support for his campaign and transferred it to Donald J. Trump. Yesterday, following the media hysteria over Trump’s crude remarks, the Mercers reaffirmed their support for Trump. ICYMI, here is their statement (via The Washington Post):

“If Mr. Trump had told Billy Bush, whoever that is, earlier this year that he was for open borders, open trade, and executive actions in pursuit of gun control, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. If he had admitted to Mr. Bush that he had profited privately by allowing the sale to Russia of 20% of US uranium deposits or that he had amassed his personal fortune not by hard work in the private sector but by selling favors to foreigners on the American taxpayers' dime, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. If he had argued that he needed both a public and a private position on issues facing the American public, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. And finally if Trump had serially terrorized and silenced the victims of violent sexual assault whom he feared could damage his political career, we would most definitely be rethinking our support for him.

“Donald Trump's uncensored comments, both old and new, have been echoed and dissected in the media repeatedly in an effort to kindle among his supporters a conflagration of outrage commensurate with the media's own faux outrage. Can anyone really be surprised that Mr. Trump could have said to Mr. Bush such things as he has already admitted saying? No. We are completely indifferent to Mr. Trump's locker room braggadocio.

“The same media that resolutely looked away when the most powerful man in the world, a sitting U.S. president with multiple violent sexual assaults to his credit, snared an impressionable young intern in his web and ruined her life, now expects us to gasp with revulsion at Mr. Trump's irreverent comments. America is finally fed up and disgusted with its political elite. Trump is channeling this disgust and those among the political elite who quake before the boombox of media blather do not appreciate the apocalyptic choice that America faces on November 8th. We have a country to save and there is only one person who can save it. We, and Americans across the country and around the world, stand steadfastly behind Donald J. Trump.”

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