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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Voting machine glitches, paper ballots, and early voting

art credit: CNN Money

Today, Drudge links to a report at Info Wars about voting machine “glitches” in Texas:
Chambers County Clerk Heather Hawthorne issued a press release Tuesday announcing electronic voting would be suspended until the glitches affecting voting machines could be corrected.
. . .
“Moving temporarily to paper ballots in such a situation is standard protocol,” Hawthorne reportedly told 12NewsNow.

On Wednesday, Hawthorne issued another press release claiming the machines had been fixed.

Interesting that this particular Board of Elections could, as a matter of “standard protocol,” switch almost immediately to paper ballots after a “glitch” was discovered. But in the comments below the report were several computer programmer types who said that any student who completed Computer Programming 101 could program a voting machine; my husband is a professional programmer specializing in large databases, and he concurs. It's not difficult. Any “glitch” was unlikely to be a careless programming error. More likely to be deliberate. And since the "glitch" was fixed almost immediately, it would appear to be a pretty simple "correction." 

Voting machine "glitches." Voting without valid i.d. Voting more than once. Early voting ballots counted before Election Day. The list of potential opportunities for voter fraud is a long one. 

What can be done to put a drag chain on potential voter fraud in your precinct? Over at the American Thinker blog, Crystal Hoadley recommends that voters who are planning to pull the lever for Trump vote “as close as possible to Election Day.” Read why here
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