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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Part 2 on the shocking Trump Tape Scandal

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Shocking. It’s headline news everywhere. The  NY Daily Mail leads off with

Surprise, surprise: Donald Trump has exposed himself one more time — 
as a crude, sexist pig.

First, consider the source of the tape: a nephew of George H.W.Bush. We know the Bushes are voting for Hillary.

This banner headline scandal is as much about media malpractice and dirty Uniparty politics as it is about Trump’s shocking conduct. From over 10 years ago.

And look at the timing. Anything to distract from non-shocking news…
Here come the Wikileaks on Hillary’s Wall Street speeches, a/k/a pay-to-play access.

And the ongoing e-mail security breaches that compromise America’s national security.

And the latest revelation that President Obama exchanged emails with Hillary during her tenure at State, on her unsecured server.

And the ongoing lies to cover up her role in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, include lying to the bereaved families present at the Air Force base to receive the flag-draped caskets of the deceased.

And the locking up of an inconsequential film-maker to provide further cover for the lie that the terror attack in Benghazi was a spontaneous reaction to the inconsequential video that nobody saw, rather than the planned terror attack deliberately made on the 2012 9/11 anniversary.

Or the victims of Bill Clinton’s serial sexual predatory behavior, whether in office as AG in Arkansas, right up to his terms as President. These victims continue to come forward with their stories. We know of at least one payoff, the $850,000 to Paula Jones. We know that Bill admitted his affair with Gennifer Flowers. And we also know that Hillary repeatedly attempted to discredit and demean Bill’s victims and to cover up Bill’s predatory behavior.

And she is shocked, shocked I tell you, over locker room talk - of the sexual bragging variety - by a private citizen over ten years ago?

The exposure of Trump’s scandalous conduct invites comparison. What about her own history of filthy and disrespectful language – while in office.  

Or her disparagement of blacks and millennials?

One other thing. With this shocking, shocking, shocking tape, we’re seeing more RINOs reveal themselves. Look, there goes Jason Chaffetz! Look, there goes Senator Mike Crapo. And there goes Senator Kelly Ayotte. (Never expected anything different from Lisa Murkowski or Susan Collins.)

Trump is lacing up his boxing gloves and the Clintons can look forward to the worst weeks of their lives.

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