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Sunday, October 16, 2016

So how corrupt is our government?

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It was a running gag on The Tonight Show, a standard format for jokes. Johnny Carson might say the weather sure is cold. Sidekick Ed McMahon would say, “So just how cold is it?” Carson would finish with his punch line, it’s SO cold that [joke here]….

We’ve been trying to follow the Wikileaks email revelations, and the sheer volume and the enormity of what they reveal is mind-boggling. These emails don’t raise more questions about corruption in the political class, corporate media, and Hillary’s activities, they PROVE widespread corruption.

So how corrupt is our government? Bruce Walker at American Thinker has an extended "punch line." He expresses outrage in his article “Breathtaking Criminality in Washington.” Some extracts:

Recent revealed emails within that broad criminal conspiracy known as leftism show just how utterly dependent those sock puppets like Obama and Hillary are upon the nefarious intertwined collusion of the leftist media, the agencies of the Executive Branch, the Clinton campaign, and the DNC.  The depth of this criminal conspiracy, as these latest emails show, is stunning.
. . .
During the debates, the number of interruptions of Trump and of Clinton are not even close, and the softball questions to Clinton (probably prepped, as we have found out in Hillary's interviews) make for a vast contribution to the Clinton campaign which is completely unreported and, because the gatekeepers are also the malfeasants, completely ignored.

But it gets worse.  Giant media corporations, unlike most other giant corporations, operate only by virtue of FCC licenses, which impose an additional duty to act "in the public interest," which means colluding to hide news from Americans, which is what notional "competitors" like CNN and CBS and ABC and MSNBC are doing.  All this violates not [only] federal antitrust laws, but also the conditions of their licenses, which are, themselves, a type of monopoly. 

When large corporations operating in the same section of the economy act in concert to deprive consumers of what they would have gotten in a truly competitive marketplace, corporate officers and directors go to prison.  Typically, the evidence required for convictions in these sorts of cases is little more than a "pattern of behavior."
. . .
The nefarious "Clinton Foundation" turns out to be nothing more than a grotesque scam using high public offices and murky machinations to enrich public "servants" through influence-peddling and shakedowns that make the Mafia look like petty crooks.  It is clearly "pay to play" on steroids and so unsavory that it is not even considered a real philanthropy by those organizations that grade the transparency and reasonableness of nonprofit finances and expenditures.  

This "foundation," which is a nonprofit organization that seems to serve no real purpose beyond laundering extorted money from foreign powers to the Clintons and their cronies, deserves much more scrutiny . . .

. . .The Augean Stables must be cleaned, and that process requires dramatic and serious action.

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